Hungry Like the Woof


Dr. Carol Lundquist

Photo Credit: Kim Giammaria

Dr. Carol Lundquist, DVM, graduated from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and began exclusively practicing holistic medicine in 1995. She received her Acupuncture training from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and her Chiropractic training from the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. She also received training in Veterinary Homeopathy from the Animal Natural Health Center and her Physical Therapy certification at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. She also holds certifications in CranioSacral Work, BioSET, and Meridian Stress Assessment.

Ann Grifith

Photo Credit: Kim Giammaria

A lifelong dog lover, Ann became interested in the importance of nutrition and holistic medicine when one of her dogs was diagnosed with cancer.   She firmly believes in the link between nutrition and wellness, having seen firsthand the positive effect of feeding raw food on her two collies, Conn and Teddy.


Canine Chief of Staff

Conn is beautiful, brilliant and kind and she brings to Hungry Like the Woof a lifetime of experience in building canine friendly businesses. Conn’s passion for networking, marketing, organization and instinctive business savvy is evident in every executive decision she makes. Conn is well-recognized in the canine business industry and she was recently featured in the Woof Street Journal for her accomplishments in social networking.

An inspiration to senior canines everywhere, Conn keeps a busy schedule. In her pastime, she enjoys gardening, digging holes in the backyard, blogging, Tai Chi and developing renewable energy resources. A humanitarian, Conn volunteers as a Canine Goodwill Ambassador and is tireless in her pursuit of world peace.

Conn’s favorite food is anything with cheese and her favorite song is American Pie.

Photo Credit: Kim Giammaria

Madame Dyna

Director of Community Relations

Madame Dyna epitomizes the term “Renaissance Canine.” Passionate about life-long education, she has excelled in a wide variety of activities in academia, athletics and the arts as is demonstrated by the various titles and degrees she has earned over the years. As modest as she is accomplished, Madame Dyna believes in giving back. Her current role in Community Relations gives her the perfect opportunity and she is often found at Hungry Like the Woof educating canine patrons on wonderful foods, activities and lifestyle changes so they can achieve their wellness goals. Her warmth, witty repartee and charm are so widely known that her colleagues joke she has a “Summa cum Laude in Canine Networking.”

Outside of her work for Hungry Like the Woof, Madame Dyna has a number of hobbies and activities. A pitch-perfect alto, she is often heard mastering classics such as The Phantom of the Berner. Although she is an optimist, she believes in emergency preparedness. As part of her bug-out plan, she continuously stashes bones and other food items in secure and secretive locations, primarily in Carol’s yard. Her favorite food is butterflied lamb chop and her favorite song is Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

Photo Credit: Kim Giammaria


Purchasing Agent Supervisor

Maisie oversees all of the inventory purchased at Hungry Like the Woof. She takes her job so seriously that she consumes roughly 1/3 of all inventory purchased. Maisie was born a shopper, and her philosophy is to buy food often and in bulk. When Maisie is not consuming or purchasing inventory, she can often be found receiving a relaxing full body massage to facilitate her digestion. Maisie’s hobbies include knitting, shoe demolition, and trampoline. Although demure in her countenance, Maisie’s passionate about all kinds of music from opera and rock to country. She hones her singing skills daily as she prepares to audition for America’s Got Canines. Maisie’s favorite food is deep dish pizza and her favorite song is “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.”

Photo Credit: Kim Giammaria

Princess Theodora

Supervisor of Edible Merchandise

Princess Theodora has a long and illustrious history as a canine gourmand. She uses her refined palate to sample, resample, select, purchase and then again resample inventory for Hungry Like the Woof. She is often referred to as a Canine Food Sommelier for her level of expertise, knowledge and education in the area of food consumption.

While food is her primary passion, Princess Theodora also has a number of other interests. Her hobbies include hiking, singing, judo, home remodeling and posing for the paparazzi. When she is not exploring a new tasting menu, she is often found doing philanthropy as a life coach. Princess Theodora’s favorite food is Focaccia and her favorite song is Love is a Battlefield.

Photo Credit: Kim Giammaria