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Treatment Modalities


Homeopathy is a scientific medical practice that focuses on the patient as a mind/body unit rather than the disease a body is carrying. Homeopathic remedies attempt to stimulate the body to heal itself rather than to suppress the natural reactive processes. It is a science based on symptomatology. The homeopath derives the correct remedy for each patient not simply based on the diagnosed disease, but on the different and often complex relationships between the symptoms and reactions of the body and mind to whatever is affecting its energy. Veterinary Homeopathy requires careful observation of the animal by both practitioner and owner to ensure that the correct remedy is chosen. Homeopathic remedies are composed of natural substances – animal, botanical, or mineral – that have been diluted beyond their origins. Homeopathy follows “the principal of the similar”, which means a remedy can cure a sick person or animal only if the original substance can cause sickness in a healthy person. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician who originated this as a formal medical system in the early 1800’s, experimented initially with Cinchona bark, from which quinine is derived. He found that if it is given in daily doses to a healthy person it can cause malaria. Indeed, this same Cinchona is curative in many patients with malaria. Upon making this discovery, he was faced with the question of how to make a safe but effective medicine using this philosophy. He discovered that the substances could be processed through a system called potentization. In this system, the medicines are diluted until the end result is a non-toxic medicine, which retains its ability to cure if correctly indicated. The beauty of this medicine is that the treatment goes with, rather than against the body’s own effort to regain health.

CranioSacral Work

CranioSacral Work is a sensitive hands-on method of bodywork that allows the practitioner to treat problems occurring in the CranioSacral system. This system is made up of several parts: the bones of the cranium, or head, the sacrum, or tailbone, and the spinal column. The dural tube encases the spinal column, which is attached to the cervical vertebra at the base of the skull and at the sacrum, but free-floats through the length of the spinal column. Cerebrospinal fluid moves through this tube in a series of pulses called the cranial wave. As a result of trauma, injury or even stress, twists, similar to that of a telephone cord, can occur in the dural tube, affecting this cranial wave and creating an imbalance in the body. The animal’s body then stops functioning optimally, which affects the animal’s performance, behavior, and general condition. CranioSacral Work uses sensitive and exact finger pressure to palpate the areas of the cranium and sacrum where this cranial wave can be discerned and its discreet movements interpreted. The practitioner then uses specific hands-on contacts for cranial bones and the bones of the pelvis to treat these imbalances, thus assisting the body in correcting itself.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a technique that has proved very effective in treating injuries such as bowed tendons and sprains, muscle trauma, inflammation, and many kinds of wounds and ulcers. The practitioner uses a hand held laser on the affected area, using different frequencies and settings appropriate to the nature of the injury. The light emitted from the laser give cells in the area “free energy”, increasing the ATP so the cells can more quickly heal and replicate.

Meridian Stress Assessment (BioMeridian MSA-21)

Meridian Stress Assessment is an analysis of the body’s functional health. Meridians are a network of energetic pathways which pass through the tissues and organs of the body. Bioelectric energy , which the Chinese call Qi, travels through the meridians. Since 1950, research initiated by Reinhold Voll, M.D. has established that the acupuncture points along these meridians possess greater electrical conductivity then surrounding tissue. By measuring changes in electrical conductivity at many of the body’s acupuncture points, Dr.Voll believed that the health of the body could be determined. The MSA-21 is used to send a slight electrical current into the acupoints on the hands and feet. This painless procedure measures the energetic properties of each meridian by assessing the consistency of the speed at which the current is able to travel through it. These readings indicate to the practitioner whether a meridian is balanced, stressed, weakened, or blocked. The practitioner can use this information to identity which nutritional supplements, homeopathics, herbs or other remedies will help the body restore itself to optimal health. This same procedure can be used to determine what factors or substances may cause the meridians to become imbalanced. This enables the practitioner to screen for the body’s sensitivity to things such as foods or environmentals that can then be treated using an allergy elimination technique such as BioSET.

BioMeridians MSA-21 is registered with the FDA. Meridian Stress Assessment is used to evaluate functional health and is not used to diagnose disease.


BioSET technology, developed by Dr. Ellen Cutler, is a term used to identify Bio-Energetic Sensitivity and enzyme Therapy. BioSET uses tools drawn form acupuncture, chiropractic, and kinesiology to locate and remove electromagnetic pathways that are specifically related to allergens. This therapy is very useful to practitioners hoping to eliminate the body’s sensitivities to substances and environmental elements before the body develops a full immune response, or allergy. BioSET combines organ detoxification, bio-energetic testing (MSA), enzyme and nutritional therapy, and chiropractic manipulation to permanently desensitize the body to every kind of allergy. In the body, an allergy is caused when the meridian is blocked by the immune response to an allergen. Dr. Cutler’s technique unblocks these pathways, thus stopping the body’s violent immune response possibly before a full response has even developed.

To employ this therapy, muscle testing or an MSA machine is used to determine a body’s possible reaction to a wide range of external and internal substances, from the toxification of the body’s own organs, food, grasses or pollen, to medications and vaccines. Once the sensitivities have been detected, the practitioner uses enzyme therapy, spinal manipulations and acupuncture to “reset” the central nervous system to no longer respond in a way that produces unpleasant symptoms. These manipulations are performed while the animal is in contact with a specific allergen so that the body can be taught to react in a different manner. Practitioners of BioSET and animal owners alike have found this safe effective method of assessing and elimination allergies, to be an excellent alternative to the more conventional treatment available for treating allergies.


Acupuncture, by definition, is the insertion of fine needles into specific points of the body that are intimately connected with the central nervous system to trigger a desired physiological response. According to Chinese Medicine, when the flow of “Qi”, or the life energy force, is interrupted, acupuncture balances the flow of energy to areas where it is deficient, thus allowing the body to heal itself. Though acupuncture has been used for over 4,000 years, it has only been introduced into the United States on a large scale in the past decade. Although in this country it is still used primarily as a short-term way to control pain, veterinary acupuncture practitioners have found it very effective in the continuing treatment of various musculoskeletal problems as well as allergic dermatitis, asthma, gastrointestinal conditions and depressed immune system function. The acupuncture points may be stimulated in various ways. These include acupuncture with needles alone, electro-acupuncture with or without needles, aquapuncture (injection of Vitamin B-12 or saline solution into a point), moxibustion (applying heat to a point), acupressure, and laser acupuncture (for fractious or very sensitive animals).

Gold Bead Implants

Gold Bead Implantation is a method of providing long-term stimulation of acupuncture points. It is used primarily to treat chronic arthritic conditions such as hip dysplasia, navicular disease, ringbone, and cases that have proven unresponsive to other therapies. In companion animals, sedation is usually required to perform the treatment. A large gauge needle is used to inject several small gold beads into the acupuncture points affecting the joint. These beads provide continual stimulation of the acupoint, and can be extremely effective in reducing pain and stiffness.


Chiropractic is a health care system that deals with manipulation of the spine in relation to the nervous system to restore and maintain health naturally. Chiropractic corrects misalignments in the spine, freeing nerves and allowing the body to heal itself. The spinal cord is housed in the vertebral column, and any deviation in that column can impair nerve flow and negatively affect all major body systems. These deviations (or subluxations) can be caused by trauma such as slips, falls, and over-exertion, straining on a leash, car accidents, or even emotional stress. Active animals, just like active people, sustain minor injuries all the time, some of which, if not treated, can cause pain and stiffness in the future. Chiropractors correct these misalignments and attempt to avoid future problems using a treatment method referred to as an “adjustment”. An adjustment consists of a “short lever, high-velocity, low amplitude thrust” delivered to the joints in the spine. The thrust may be performed with the hands or with a small instrument called an activator. These subtle manipulations are performed by the chiropractor all along the animal’s body, feeling for and correcting these deviations from head to tail. All of the body’s systems are affected when the body is misaligned. After an adjustment you may see a positive difference in an animal’s movement, posture and attitude as well as healthier skin and better digestion. Because the body’s overall health is so dependent on the health of the central nervous system, chiropractic can be used to treat a host of ailments you might not expect. Lameness, hip dysplasia and arthritis are the most commonly treated, but chiropractic adjustments can also have a very beneficial effect on animals suffering from epilepsy, incontinence, and even lick granulomas. Healthy active animals are also excellent candidates for this treatment, from fly ball champs to show ring hunters, athletes of all species deserve to be well adjusted.